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Gaelic resources

This page is mainly aimed at learners but we have tried to source things which may be of interest to fluent speakers too. If you think any details are incorrect or there are any important resources we have missed out, please contact us.

For everyone

BBC Alba

BBC Alba air iPlayer | Radio nan Gaidheal | Naidheachdan | Blog Poilitigeach
Bliadhna nan Òran | Foghlam | Learn Gaelic
BBC Alba is dedicated to Gaelic Language programming. Their website gives you access to news articles in Gaelic, televsion via the iPlayer, Radio nan Gaidheal and some cultural resources as well as a learners’ section. As all links to Gaelic content are in the main part of the home page itself (use the arrows to find more content), avoid the top menu unless you want to go the main BBC website.
For Gaelic TV, Radio and more: Visit BBC Alba >>


Dàna is an ezine with everything from current affairs to sports, produced entirely in Scottish Gaelic.
For full information: Read Dàna >>

Blog Pàrlamaid na h-Alba

This is a blog in Gaelic giving you the latest news from Scottish Parliament.
For full information: Read Blog Pàrlamaid na h-Alba >>

National Library of Scotland – Early Gaelic Books Collection

The National Library of Scotland has put some of its collections of early Gaelic books online in downloadable pdf format for free.
For full information: Look at Early Gaelic Books Collection >>

Comhairle nan Leabhraichean

Comhairle nan Leabhraichean (Gaelic Books Council) is a charity dedicated to the support and promotion of Gaelic language literature. In their online shop, they stock books for readers of all ages and diverse interests.
For full information: Visit the Gaelic Books Council shop >>


Acair are a publisher of Gaelic language books and although most of their catalogue is aimed at children, they do publish books for adults too. If you are a learner, children’s books can be a very good starting point for learning to read.
For full information: Visit the Acair shop >>

Gaelic Bookbug

If you are a parent with young children, you can get free Bookbug materials in Gaelic language and you can attend free sessions with your children in your local authority area.
For full information: Visit Bookbug >>

Online learning material

Scottish Gaelic courses on Duolingo

Duolingo is a great start for learning languages and they do now have a Scottish Gaelic course. You will have to create a log in to get started but it is free with a premium version available to get rid of ads.
For full information: Try Duolingo

Scottish Gaelic Courses on Memrise

Memrise is an online resource that allows you to make and use simple memory aids to help you learn a language. This link takes you to Scottish Gaelic Courses made by the Memrise community. You have to create a login (or sign in with Facebook) to get started but it’s free.
For full information: Try Memrise >>

Learn Gaelic

Tools | Beginners | Use Gaelic | Watch Gaelic | Parents and Children
Learn Gaelic is a comprehensive website full of resources and a beginner’s course for those learning Gaelic. The tools section contains a useful collection of dictionaries and if you are a beginner or parent, the sections aimed at children are very useful for fixing basic vocabulary and grammar into memory. The sections for older learners contain links to other resources and the entire catalog of clips from the Speaking Our Language program which are excellent for listening practice.
For full information: Visit Learn Gaelic >>

Beag air Bheag

Units | Grammar | Quick Fixes | Songs
Beag air Bheag (Little by Little) is provided by BBC Alba and is aimed at complete beginners. It is a short language course with audio, basic grammar and a few songs to learn (audio and transcriptions to help).
For full information: Visit Beag air Bheag >>


Aimed at parents with children in Gaelic medium education, this site is nonetheless of use to beginners too as children’s learning activities can work well to develop basic Gaelic knowledge.
For full information: Visit Gaelic4parents >>

Can Seo

Added June 2014 by Scottish Parliament, this is a You Tube playlist of all 20 episodes of the 1970s Gaelic learning program, Can Seo. The companion book for the program can also be downloaded in pdf format for free.
For full information: Watch Can Seo >>

Speaking Our Language

Series 1 clips | Series 2 clips | Series 3 clips | Series 4 clips
Speaking Our Language is the Gaelic learning programme made in the 1990s. We’re working on a comprehensive playlist for the programs available on You Tube but in the meantime you can watch all of the language clips on Learn Gaelic which has Gaelic transcriptions together with translations alongside the videos.

Online learning tools

Scottish Gaelic Grammar Wiki

Scottish Gaelic Grammar Wiki is a fairly academic grammar reference covering most aspects of Gaelic Grammar.
For full information: Visit Scottish Gaelic Grammar Wiki >>


A small wiki with a light-hearted tone which takes you through Gaelic grammar and phonetics from a more linguistic point of view.
For full information: Visit Akerbeltz >>


Dwelly’s Scottish Gaelic – English dictionary put online for your convenience. This dictionary provides a certain depth of context. It has been set up so that you can search for English or Gaelic terms.
For full information: Use the Dwelly dictionary >>

Am Faclair Beag

This project uses Dwelly’s dictionary as a starting point and adds in modern terms. It also has the added dimension that results come with a usage score which can also be viewed on a map when you click on the result you want.
For full information: Use Am Faclair Beag >>

Learn Gaelic tools

This tools section links to several useful dictionaries including those for Parliamentary and technical terms, and place names. The Learn Gaelic dictionary is produced in assoctiation with Am Faclair Beag.
For full information: Use the tools in Learn Gaelic >>

Classes & courses

Learn Gaelic course list

In association with ClÌ, Learn Gaelic have put together a comprehensive list of Gaelic language courses in Scotland.
For full information: See Learn Gaelic course list >>

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on Skye offers college level education in Gaelic medium as well as courses and workshops for learning Gaelic. Most of the courses are residential but they now offer a distance learning curriculum too.
For full information: See courses from Sabhal Mòr Ostaig >>

University of the Highlands and Islands

On it’s campus at Lews Castle College, The University of the Highlands and Islands offers Gaelic courses for beginners and immersion courses for intermediate to fluent speakers.
For full information: See courses from University of the Highlands and Islands >>

Edinburgh University

Edinburgh University run Gaelic classes at 3 levels, from beginner upwards, throughout the year.
For full information: See courses at Edinburgh University >>

Edinburgh College

Edinburgh College allows you to study Gaelic up to Higher level.
For full information: See courses at Edinburgh College >>

Edinburgh Council

Edinburgh council offer community education classes in Gaelic at beginner, post-beginner and intermediate level.
For full information: See courses from Edinburgh Council >>

Newbattle Abbey College

Newbattle run Gaelic language and culture courses – some are on campus while others may be held in Edinburgh.
For full information: See courses at Newbattle >>

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