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These websites will help you find Gaelic events and activities in and around Edinburgh. If you think any of the details here are incorrect or know of any other activities or events you’d like us to list, please get in touch.

Each institution updates their course lists throughout the year, so be sure to check regularly.


Bothan Dùn Èideann

The Bothan is Edinburgh’s Gaelic night club, an evening filled with live music and good cràic. It’s held once a month on a Friday in the Canons’ Gait. Since they only have a Facebook page, we’ll do our best to let you know when the next one is.
For full information: Visit Bothan DunEideann on Facebook >>

Check The List

On of the best places to get information about events is The List Magazine. In true Blue Peter fashion, this is a premade search for up to date information about Gaelic events in and around Edinburgh.
For full information: Get the latest events from The List >>

Gaelic events at Edinburgh University

Gaelic language events for students, lecturers and the public are held throughout the year at the University of Edinburgh.
For full information: View the Edinburgh University calendar >>

Greyfriars Gaelic Sunday Service

Weekly Sunday service in gaelic.
For full information: Visit Greyfriars Church >>

Children’s events / activities

Bun Sgoil Taobh na Pàirce (Parkside Primary School) in Leith is Edinburgh’s Gaelic medium primary school. The parents’ website lists activities run in the school for children and families.
For full information: See activities at Taobh na Pàirce >>


These are not all Gaelic language events but they are a strong part of Gaelic culture.

Comunn Tìr nam Beann Dùn Èideann (The Edinburgh Highland Association)

An evening of family friendly music and Gaelic song.
Where: Augustine United Church, 1-43 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH7 6JH
When: 7.30pm – 10.00pm, Saturday 5th Otober 2019 / Saturday 2nd November 2019 / Saturday 7th December 2019 / Saturday 1st February 2020 / Saturday 7th March 2020 / Saturday 4th April 2020
Cost: £6 non-members / £5 members / children free
For full information: Visit Comunn Tìr nam Beann Dùn Èideann on Facebook >>

Music & drama activities

Còisir Dhùn Èideann

Còisir Dhùn Èideann (Edinburgh Gaelic Choir) are always happy to find new members in all vocal ranges. Gaelic tuition and support materials are provided.
For full information: Visit Còisir Dhùn Èideann >>

Lothian Gaelic Choir

Lothian Gaelic Choir welcomes singers for all choral parts. No experience of choral singing or Gaelic is necessary as tuition is given every week.
For full information: Visit Lothian Gaelic Choir >>

Fèisean Nan Gàidheal

Specifically aimed at children and young adults, Fèis organise Gaelic music, drama and dance classes throughout Scotland.
For full information: Visit Fèisean Nan Gàidheal >>

Classes & courses

If you want to know more about online learning or classes and courses outwith the Edinburgh area, please go to Gaelic resources for a more complete list of courses.

Edinburgh Council

Edinburgh council offer community education classes in Gaelic at beginner, post-beginner and intermediate level.
For full information: See courses from Edinburgh Council >>

Edinburgh College

Edinburgh College allows you to study Gaelic up to Higher level.
For full information: See courses at Edinburgh College >>

Edinburgh University

Edinburgh University run Gaelic classes at 3 levels, from beginner upwards, throughout the year.
For full information: See courses at Edinburgh University >>

Newbattle Abbey College

Newbattle run Gaelic language and culture courses – some are on campus while others may be held in Edinburgh.
For full information: See courses at Newbattle >>

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