Cearcall Còmhraidh

Scottish Gaelic conversation circle


Next round
7.30 pm

St Andrew Rooms
1st Floor
16 North St Andrew St
(see on a map)

Just drop in
£2.00 (first time free)
Everyone welcome!

Cearcall Còmhraidh is a relaxed and friendly conversation group in Edinburgh open to Scottish Gaelic speakers at all levels. Whether you are just beginning to learn Gaelic or are already a fluent speaker, you are welcome to join us. There is no need to book – just come along. We meet every Tuesday evening except Christmas and New Year.

Although we will put you in a conversation circle with people of the same ability, Cearcall is a social group so the format is very informal with no set topics for conversation. Chat is only interrupted for tea, biscuits and the occasional song. As music is a central part of Gaelic culture, we do try to sing the occasional verse together but if you want to know about the Gaelic scene in and around Edinburgh, check out what’s on.


If you are a beginner, don’t be put off by the idea of open conversation. You are free to speak as little or as much as you like and this is a good opportunity to get a head start in the key areas of listening and speaking. It’s also nice to meet fellow students of Gaelic and get some help. There is always a fluent speaker in the beginners’ circle who will help and encourage you to use as much Gaelic as you can.

Those who want to learn more Gaelic should have a look at our Gaelic resources for information about online resources and organisations that run Gaelic language courses. This section also has links to resources which might be of interest to all Gaelic speakers.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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